Top 5 Most Popular Social Networks and Their Use

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There are many social networks out there, but the five most popular are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. They all have different uses and different demographics of users. 

Facebook is used by almost everyone and is great for staying in touch with friends and family. It’s also good for sharing articles, photos, and other content. Twitter is mainly used for sharing short updates and following news stories. It’s not as popular as Facebook but is still used by a lot and encourages Users. We have already written articles on Social network websites.

It’s no secret that social media is a huge part of people’s lives. According to recent studies, adults aged 18-34 spend an average of 11 hours per week on social networking sites. But what are we using them for?

Here are the 5 most popular social networks and what they’re used for:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat

1. Facebook


Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to create profiles, share photos and videos, and connect with friends and family.

It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 and originally operated as a website exclusively for Harvard University students. However, it soon expanded to other colleges and universities before opening up to the general public in September 2006. As of January 2018, Facebook has more than 2 billion active monthly users.

Facebook AdSense is an effective way to reach potential customers on the world’s largest social media platform. Ads appear as sponsored posts in the user’s newsfeed and can be targeted based on interests, demographics, and behaviors.

Advertisers can also create custom audiences from their customer lists, or target people who have visited their website. Facebook Adsense is a cost-effective way to reach new customers and grow your business.

As Facebook opens up its advertising platform to more small businesses, it becomes increasingly important for business owners to understand how the system works. Here are three crucial points to get started with Facebook ads:

1) Set a budget that you’re comfortable with and be prepared to experiment;

2) Target your ads appropriately to ensure they reach the right audience, and

3) Use the data gleaned from your ad campaigns to improve their effectiveness over time. By following these simple guidelines, business owners can begin to reap the benefits of advertising

2. Instagram 


Instagram is a social media platform that lets users share photos and videos with their followers. Launched in October 2010, the app was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for $1 billion. As of June 2017, Instagram had over 700 million active users.

 The app can be used to post photos and videos of anything from what you ate for breakfast to your latest travel destination. Users can also add filters, hashtags, and location tags to their posts. More and more businesses are turning to Instagram to advertise their products or services.

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Instagram is a visual social media platform that makes it easy for businesses to share photos and videos of their products or work with their followers. There are a few different ways businesses can use Instagram ads to promote their products.

The first way is by using an advertising campaign. Advertising campaigns on Instagram allow businesses to target specific people based on what they’ve searched for on the internet.

There are a few different ways to make money on Instagram: through sponsorships, selling products and services, or using ads. Sponsorships are deals in which brands or individuals pay you to post about them on your account. 

You can also sell products and services on Instagram by setting up an eCommerce store or providing a service through the app. And finally, you can use ads to monetize your account.

3. LinkedIn 


LinkedIn remains one of the most popular professional networking sites, with over 450 million users as of 2019. It offers a wide range of features that can be used to further personal and professional goals, including a profile page, connections, groups, pages, and more. 

Given its popularity and usefulness, LinkedIn is an important tool for job seekers, business owners, and others looking to grow their networks.

LinkedIn has always been a powerful tool for networking and job searching. However, with the release of its new feature “LinkedIn Salary” in late 2017, the site has become an even more powerful resource for salary information. 

The feature allows LinkedIn users to see how their salaries compare to those of their peers and also offers tips on how to negotiate a higher salary. With this new feature, LinkedIn is helping to close the salary transparency gap that has long existed in the workplace.

4. Twitter


Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms. 

With over 320 million active users, the micro-blogging site offers businesses a great opportunity to connect with customers and promote their products and services. Creating a Twitter profile is free and easy, and businesses can start tweeting right away. 

However, simply having a presence on Twitter is not enough; businesses need to actively engage with customers if they want to reap the benefits of the platform. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to post short messages, termed tweets, up to 280 characters in length. 

Tweets are public by default and can be found via the Twitter website, mobile app, and SMS. Registered users can post tweets, follow other users, and add photos and videos. The service can be used to share thoughts with others, track events in real-time, or follow news stories.

5. Snapchat


Though Snapchat has been around since 2011, it seems to have hit its stride in recent years. With more than 158 million daily active users, the app is popular with people of all ages. 

But what is it about Snapchat that has made it so successful?

Snapchat is a social media platform where users can share images and videos that disappear after a certain amount of time. The app was first released in 2011 by then-college students Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown. Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, has been quoted as saying, “We’re building a photo app that doesn’t suck.”

 The app originally gained traction with college students, but it has since become popular among all age groups. In March 2017, Snapchat reached 150 million daily active users.


This article takes a look at the five most popular social networks and what they’re used for. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends. Be sure to like, follow, and comment on the article to let us know what you think!

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