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Instagram is the simplest platform where you can have a large number of followers but it’s extremely difficult to manage, the most important thing is how you handle it. If you’re using it as the primary method for marketing your product, you should be more attentive to it, making it significantly easier to make use of it. If it’s one of the other social media platforms that you’re using in your marketing strategy, then you may have a tough to navigating it. If you intend to only use it to increase traffic, then prepare for a challenging time. A social captain helps you to face the challenges in a better way. You should consider the service.

You do not have to be afraid of Instagram. It’s not as difficult as you imagine. All you need is patience and the right actions. Many of these may be difficult to comprehend. If you apply these strategies, you’ll be able to get an edge over the rest. We have already written articles on How to get back a disabled Instagram account.

Fill out Everything

The first step to do with any well popular social profile is to fill it with as much detail as you can. You don’t want to appear as if you are an anonymous account. The more information you give the more simple you will make it for others to locate you when they are searching for you. This may also be of benefit to you.

A very crucial task to complete is to create high-quality content. If you’re a graphic designer, ensure your artwork is of a high-quality resolution. If you’re a photographer, your photos must have the highest quality they can. It’s not a good idea to upload mediocre content on Instagram. Contents that are not good will get you a lot of attention while boring ones go nowhere.

Post Every Day

Like other social networks, Instagram does not decrease engagements once the optimal frequency is exceeded. For instance, if published more than twice every day, on Facebook every post you make will show a dramatically lower engagement rate. However, Instagram doesn’t lose any engagement regardless of the number of posts. But the consistency of your posts is of paramount importance. Make sure you post on a regular basis your posts. If you’re posting 3 times per day, it’s crucial to be consistent. Otherwise, you’ll be posting a few times a day, and then post in a reasonable manner on the following day.

It is recommended to keep two posts per day and you can add additional posts in the event you need to do so during weekends. Be careful not to blog too often. You can extend your posts and only post the most relevant posts.

Include Hashtags, Emojis, and a Link

Hashtags Emojis and Link

Every article should contain the appropriate content. Emojis can boost the engagement rate, particularly for companies as brands that use the appropriate emoticons can create a fantastic experience. Hashtags are also essential however, you may want to use only those that are relevant to your business. Don’t use random tags simply because they’re widely used. Certain specific and branded tags will work better for your pictures and more generic tags for your particular industry. This will help you gain more people to view your content.

While linking your article be sure that the post has something of value to viewers. Also, don’t link too frequently to avoid getting suspicious responses from your audience. So, you should not connect your homepage to every blog post you publish.

Follow Accounts Posting Similar Content

In regular intervals, perform a few searches in hashtags, and then do a quick search on users that are tagged. The goal of this search should be to identify and follow other accounts that publish content similar to your own. This is similar to tagging other accounts in your blog post, however, it’s distinct and significant as people will look at your account as a whole as they are following it. If they discover that you’ve posted similar content, they may decide to follow your account.

Comment and like related content

Comment and like

It’s not as important to follow every account you see. You can, however, follow an image similar to yours if encounter one and leave a comment too.
Connecting with people who share your interests on Instagram will benefit your profile and boost your exposure, and you could be able to gain followers as well.


Focus is an important tool for the majority of Instagram users. If you go through any of the most popular accounts, you’ll notice concentration. A lot of top personalities and brands write about a specific topic that they are familiar with and which their fans expect. Doing too much can result in not being good at just one topic. Is your interest in fashion? Lifestyle? Sports? If you are interested in multiple things, discover a way to tie them together, but make sure to maintain your focus.

Ask Followers to Tag a Friend

One of the simplest ways to grab people’s attention on Instagram is to tag them. If you tag someone on your post, that person receives a notification and browses through your post. They may either like it, leave a comment on it, or do any of a few other options.

Tagging a number of people in one go to a specific post can sometimes be considered spam. Instead, you can simply invite your readers or acquaintances to add their friends’ names to the post. I prefer adding “tag your friend if __” at around the fifth photo, where the dashed line contains pertinent content. Post a photo of a lovely spot as well as “tag your friends if you wish you were here”. This kind of thing can increase your engagement, and people who are tagged will follow are.

Try out Instagram Videos

Instagram video is similar to vine however, it has some different approaches, such as longer length limits, and is an intriguing option to play with. It is crucial to try it out! Making videos can be more challenging than taking photos which is why you need to ensure that you are making a sensible choice in order to make something from it.

Host a Photo Contest

Contests are a great way to increase the number of followers and increase engagement. Many companies host contests that use hashtags to create user-generated content, such as. To stay up-to-date on the contest, they’ll also gain Instagram followers.

The great thing is that these are simple to create; just make themes for your images Set a prize for the winner and let the method for submissions be in place and tag the submitted images with a hashtag. It is possible to draw the attention of many simply by the power of your contest. After a few contests, you will establish a loyal following quickly.

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