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Who is Sarah Laud?

Twenty-year-old Sarah Laud is a recent Morristown-Beard High School graduate. She had enrolled at Colgate University to pursue her MBS degree further.

Because to her video, Sarah was recently on the limelight. She may be seen singing along to Let’s Go Shopping while panning the words “African-American” in her video. This led to the racism in her video.

The video’s lauded action stoked interest in reading among Colgate University students. The online petition urging the college to take action regarding the Individual has received more than 2000 signatures.

Sarah’s admittance was revoked by Colgate University President Brian Casey on June 23, 2020, following the signing of more than 2000 petitions.

Sarah Laud Racist TikTok Video

The fall admission for Sarah Laud, who was scheduled to enroll at Colgate University as a freshman, has been postponed. After her racial TikTok video went viral, Colgate University students started a petition to have her admittance revoked.

Following the murder of a Black man named George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer, America has recently been in disarray. And under these circumstances, a video about this issue undoubtedly catches the attention of the general public.

Sarah was spotted producing a film depicting enslavement. She can be heard performing in the “Let’s Go Shopping” tape, which features harsh criticism of the term “African-American.”

Other teenagers from Morristown, Nate Panza and Adam Giaquinto, also made headlines for using the N-word on social media. The Morristown School’s headmaster has described this behavior as improper and intolerable.

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