Top 10 Mac Apps to download after purchase

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Switching from Windows to Mac can be a little tricky at first, as it’s essentially a completely different platform. No exe files for you to launch your favorite games because apple computers are usually bought to perform various complex tasks with video and audio content.

The apps are also different. This article will give you some guidance on what to download first, what kind of applications there are, and what is their charm. Before we begin, I also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the experience of moving from Windows to Mac – useful material for those who decide to purchase a brand new MacBook or Mac mini.


Transmission Macbook

By no means do we encourage piracy, but, let’s be honest, who among us has never downloaded content from Torrent trackers. And sometimes you want to watch movies for free and try a toy without buying it on Steam, and listen to music. If there’s a great uTorrent app on Windows, it’s called Transmission on macOS. You can download it from this link. The application is incredibly simple, without annoying ads and completely intuitive – even a person who has never used a Mac will figure it out.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver

A convenient and simple archiver that can unpack and open any archives. In the settings, you can configure all supported extensions, up to such unknown ones as .tgz, .bin, .macbin, etc.



If in Windows you can turn off sleep or set a timer to turn it on using standard operating system tools, then on macOS you will have to use the third-party Amphetamine utility. There is also a Caffeine program that performs the same function. It allows you to deactivate the sleep mode and close applications function. For example, when you download something, mount it, and you urgently need to leave, but at the same time leave the computer turned on. Also, check our TOP 6 programs for video editing on macOS, where we describe the best apps for such work.


If you often work with several open applications, then the Spectacle utility will come in handy. It allows you to minimize or expand certain applications using quick key combinations, and change their size and position on the display. You can also navigate between screens and set up general system navigation using shortcuts. The program is free.


parago ntfs for mac

NTFS for Mac Now let’s move on to paid apps, and one of them is Paragon. Few people after buying a Mac know that macOS only supports reading NTFS drives, but not writing to them. Actually, the Paragon application allows you to manage NTFS drives in any way – flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards through a card reader, etc. You can try the program for free.


DaisyDisk 1

This utility will allow you to free up space on your hard drive after a few months of working with your Mac. Especially suitable if you have a MacBook with 256 gigabytes of HDD. DaisyDisk will be able to scan which files are taking up space on your hard drive and clean them up.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office

We will not dwell on this point for a long time, everyone knows Microsoft Office because absolutely any Windows user used this office suite of applications as the main one. Added here if Microsoft Office on macOS is as important to you as it is to me. Download the official Microsoft website.



Creative Cloud Photography This is a suite of applications from Adobe for image processing. It includes such programs: As lightroom; Lightroom Classic; Photoshop. Also, the official package is paid – you can look at the prices and purchase if necessary by clicking on the link. In essence, this is a subscription to Adobe services. Now you need to download Adobe Photoshop for Mac and log in with your username and password in order for the subscription to work.


This program is equivalent to the Uninstall Programs section in the Windows 10 Control Panel. The utility allows you to remove files and programs on your Mac at once and in one place. It also helps free up hard drive space and quickly uninstall apps you haven’t used in a while.



Well, the last application in Wavebox, contains all the most popular office services. Trello, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Asana, and more. Saves a lot of time and space on your computer. Basically, to work, you need to use one window and that’s it.



The apps above will make working with macOS easier for those who have just unpacked their first apple computer and started it up. I speak as a Windows user for 10 years – the transition to something new always causes a certain discomfort. And it’s not like that, out of the box there are no services I need, everything is bad. But, I am sure that this is a matter of habit, and today’s TOP 10 programs will help you get used to the apple system even faster.

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