How to write an email template that Converts?

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According to HubSpot data, 99 percent of users read their email every day, and 80 percent of company professionals feel mass email services help them retain customers.

Mail is among the few mediums that allow you to communicate directly with leads and consumers. It’s also important to note that, apart from your website, it’s the only channel in which you have complete control, meaning you’re not at the expense of 3rd IT behemoths. We have already written How to Enable Dark Mode on Gmail | 2020

Despite the impressive facts and benefits, you won’t be able to unleash the power of this marketing platform unless you can design effective emails. So, in this essay, we’ll look at 11 design secrets for converting emails. So, let’s get into our design secrets for converting emails.

Choose the appropriate email builder/templates.

You’ll need design tools before you can even start creating emails, and there are two things you’ll need: email templates and a good email builder. Templates provide you with an initial point to work with, and it’s the layouts you should be looking for when browsing templates.

You should develop your email content before choosing a template because you don’t want to be cramming information into boxes. Layouts should complement your messages rather than suffocate them.

Having a solid email generator on your side is more crucial than having templates. This enables you to build your layouts and emails from scratch, constructing your themes, and fully customize your designs.

For segmented marketing, create a design.

marketing create a design

Email marketing aims to create a customized connection with users on a one-to-one basis. You’re wasting your time if you publish generic mails to everyone else on your list.

Great email campaigns cater to each recipient’s specific requirements and expectations, so categorization is vital. You can send highly relevant communications to recipients using segmented campaigns depending on their information and previous activities.

What does this mean in terms of email design?

Because you’ll have to get into the mentality of creating segmented marketing emails, this involves identifying the specific requirements of particular audiences and crafting highly targeted communications that encourage them to take some action. The party isn’t for generic emails.

Begin with the subject lines.

A good email has a targeted message, and segmenting campaigns allow you to zero in on specific user preferences – so take advantage of it.

Begin with your subject line to ensure that the content in your mails is concentrated enough. You don’t have to think of the ideal subject line right now, but condensing your message within 61-70 characters will compel you to focus on your main selling point.

Start by writing your pre-header content, which appears in message previews in your email inbox and notifications. You don’t have to have the perfect pre-header wording right away (you may revise it later), but it is an excellent exercise for establishing the main point you want to convey.

Email templates that are simple and responsive.

Email templates that are simple and responsive

Now that you’ve figured out your email content, it’s time to consider layouts. The idea is to make your content as appealing as possible. In general, you should use single-column designs and pile divs on top of one another and text aligned in the center.

Your emails will appear visually similar to landing pages, with a central section and content organized in vertically stacked divs. As a result, your emails will appear nearly identical on desktop and mobile.

To make content and buttons stand out, use a lot of contrast. A decent rule of thumb is to pick a background color that fits white text and then flip it using divs having black text on white backgrounds.

GIFs aren’t to be taken lightly.

In today’s world, GIFs are getting increasingly prevalent in emails. It’s true since GIFs excel at providing information in a more digestible style while demonstrating a product in motion.

Keep in mind that your GIFs should not detract from the actions you want your clients to perform and should be about what you want them to do once they receive your email.

Make Your Email Marketing Campaign More Personalized.

If you read any advice on writing compelling email marketing copy, you’ll notice that it includes a customization tip. True, using user names in subject lines and mail marketing material grabs their attention, but personalization is more than that.

We discussed segmentation earlier. That impacts personalization because each group expects something special from your communications. Depending on your audience’s age, gender, and region, and whether they’re searching for a business or personal transaction, you can send different accounts.

Choose the Proper Phrases.

When looking at the best email copy examples, one thing stands out. When it comes to making reading your mail a pleasurable experience, word choice is critical, so most emails are brief. Every word counts.

If you want to pique readers’ interest, appeal to their emotions, and compel them to act, you must:

  1. Make use of literary devices.
  2. Use sensory phrases to help people see it and feel the picture you’re building with your words in your email marketing copy. In a perfect scenario, you’ll also invoke touch and flavor.
  3. Use strong words in the subject line, copy, and call-to-action to pique your readers’ interest and elicit an action (CTA).

What you don’t say is just as crucial as what you say when establishing trust. Blatant lies and other filthy marketing practices should be avoided, or you potentially lose followers for good.

Please don’t go all CAPS: It’s Spam.

Both in the subject line and the content of the email, avoid using all caps and repeated exclamation points. All caps are not simply the internet equivalent of shouting, but they also scream spammy email marketing. Your open mail rate will suffer as a result of this. If enough users report you, your email deliverability may suffer, and your email newsletter service may potentially blacklist you.


You should be able to create and send emails that produce more excellent open rates and encourage more consumers to take action after learning these secrets to generating emails that convert. You should apply this to your entire email marketing strategy by using the best SMTP services provider, not just individual emails.

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