How to show the Battery Percentage on Android

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When we use the mobile non-stop, we don’t understand how to see the battery level and suddenly off your mobile. We have written the article how to Enable Dark Mode on Gmail | 2020
So, Android developers introduced the battery percentage feature they very helpful for Android users. We can see the Display Home screen and lock screen battery percentage to the top right corner of the mobile. Follow the step-by-step guide for how to show the battery percentage on Android.

Sometimes you can see the already battery percentage in your mobile, but if you don’t see the battery percentage in your mobile do the simple steps.

  1. First of all, you need to open the mobile Settings
Andriod settings option

The battery percentage option is very effective for android users they can easily judge battery level and apply the charge.

2. After opening the settings scroll down and select the Battery option

Android battery option

If you want to good health your mobile and battery you need to charge your phone. The battery is very important to the mobile.

3. Tap on the show battery percentage on the status bar

Click button show battery status

4. Congratulations you can see the Battery Percentage on your mobile.

Show battery percentage

If you want to disappear battery percentage follow the same steps and click show battery percentage on the status bar.

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