How to sell on Instagram: 5 Tips

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Instagram is among the most popular social platforms, with more than one billion users across the globe. Moreover, your target market isn’t just browsing but also buying. This means that you have the chance to bring your product or service on the radar of those who need them. All this is possible because of the opportunities for creativity and innovation that an image-based platform Instagram offers. We have already written articles on how to get back a disabled Instagram account.

Are you ready to put your product noticed by more people? Shop on Instagram allows you to create a fun shopping experience directly from your Instagram profile. The best part is that opening an Instagram shop is free and straightforward!

In reality, the amount of advertisers who utilizes Instagram every month is very tiny compared to one billion users. Although not all of Instagram’s users are looking for new products or services, still there’s plenty of potential to use the platform to promote your unique items.

I’m here to show you how to get it done right! Follow these 5 steps to earn profits and increase the number of units you can sell on Instagram.

1. Set up an Instagram Business Account

A profile for your business on Instagram is like an electronic business card. As a business owner, it allows you to market more effectively, and customers can easily connect with you.

In comparison with the private Instagram account, the business profile provides several free features for businesses

  • Include valuable information on your profile (business address, website address, contact details).
  • Utilize Instagram Insights to know more about your followers and the most successful posts.
  • Promote your business goals through post-promotions.

If you have already an Instagram account, then here’s how to change it into Instagram business Account

  1. Log into your Instagram account and click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Then, tap Settings and Account.
  3. Tap change on to Professional Account, then business.
  4. After switching to another account, you’ll be able to include additional information to your profile (like contacts and business categories).
  5. Tap has done after you’ve entered your information.

If you have a Facebook Page that is associated with your company and you want to connect the Page to an Instagram Account for Business Account

  1. Tap Edit Profile.
  2. Click the Page beneath Public Business Information.
  3. Choose a Facebook page to link with the Instagram account (or create one if you don’t already have an account). Remember that only one Facebook page can be linked to your company account.
  4. Use the URL in the Instagram bio for your Instagram profile.

There’s only one place where you can put a clickable external link–the URL section of your Instagram bio. If new users come across your profile on Instagram, they will likely visit your bio page and view your URL. Therefore, having it visible every day will help drive visitors to your online store.

All this is possible because of the opportunities for creativity and innovation that an image-based platform Instagram offers.

2. Figure Out Your Brand Aesthetic on Instagram

Similar to how your brand’s image has distinct characteristics offline, you’ll need to ensure that your Instagram feed is in line with your brand’s style and appearance. To do this, you’ll need to figure out what look you want for your Instagram feed. You can do this by looking at your brand’s website and then analyzing its theme, color, and content style. This will give you a good idea of what kind of look you want to have on Instagram.

For this, you need to invest some time to figure out the ideal aesthetic that can provide users with a consistent experience.

Having a consistent aesthetic on Instagram will help you improve your brand recognition and establish your identity. It also allows customers scrolling through their feed or browsing the explore tab to recognize your posts at a glance. It can also help you differentiate your brand from competitors. This way, you can be sure that your brand is unique and different from others.

3. Incorporate the Right Hashtags


Hashtags are another way companies can quickly assist customers in finding their products via Instagram. Use an online hashtag generator to get the relevant hashtags. They can also help you land on the explore page, which has a special Shop tab and is visited by more than 50% of Instagram users each month.

However, it has been warned not to use too many hashtags. Instagram restricts you to 30 hashtags in a post, but this is likely to be a bit too much. It’s not ideal for your caption to appear as confusing endless text. Instead, some renowned social media management companies have found the highest engagement for posts with 11 hashtags is an ideal number to target.

4. Use User-Generated Content

Users, UGC, or user-generated content create the most genuine types of content. Additionally, millennials believe in UGC much more than other forms of content, making it the perfect format for shopping. We also believe that UGC is a “huge asset” for product promotion.

But, ensure you get users’ permission before sharing their photos or videos of your product. On Instagram, you must send a DM with a friendly request to the creator to allow your brand to repost their work. Research has revealed that 65 percent of users have been granted permission within 24 hours.

5. Stay Consistent And Provide Value

What are the best ways to sell your Instagram products after establishing an account? Keep your content consistent and quality and avoid being sold. A seller’s account can be an enormous turnoff for many. You won’t be able to keep a crowd up if all you write about is products and features.

Conversion rates can only be improved by having a receptive audience. People who like, know, and trust your business are more likely to purchase. The more you post – whether with reels or stories – the more trust you’ll build over time.

Create High-Quality Posts To Sell More On Instagram

Creating quality posts can help your brand grow on Instagram and attract new followers.

What do posts of high quality appear like?
A high-quality image that is a perfect match to the overall vibe of your brand.
Your posting should include important, relevant information that gives your viewers something to take away.
Secure posting your readers can trust (meaning you won’t disappear without warning for weeks or days at an interval).
A part of a planned content calendar laid out weeks ahead to form part of an overall strategy for content.


Finding out the best way to market your business and how to sell on Instagram will require some practice to find out what methods are most effective for your company. The following 5 suggestions will make the process a much simpler task by removing much of the uncertainty for you.
Although learning to sell on Instagram might seem daunting initially, it’s much simpler than you think. As soon as you learn it, you’ll attract many new clients who will become your customers.

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