How to get back a disabled Instagram account

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Instagram has emerged as one of the most famous and widely used social media platforms and not only this but it has gained immense popularity among young users. Instagram in a way has been a way to connect with your friends and family. People can share stories, posts, and several other things and not only this but they can also chat with their friends using this platform. The option of tagging people in stories and posts is also available on this platform for the users.

Not being able to use this platform and account on it might be a nightmare for many of the users. As if they lose access to their Instagram account they will get cut off from their friends online and also lose their photos and videos on the account. Fortunately, Instagram gives chance to users to access or get their account back if they have lost it somehow. 

Since not everyone knows the way to get back their account back when it was disabled either by you or ‘Instagram disabled my account for no reason. So, tighten your seat belts and get ready to know the solutions so that they can get back your account on this platform so that you are able to use your account again and again. 

Why an Instagram account was disabled?

There can be various reasons why an account on Instagram was disabled and this can happen often without any warning which leaves the users with no option to back up the data of their account. Users will only get a pop-up message on their screens informing them that their Instagram account has been disabled. 

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide any precise information or any guidance about why your account has been disabled, however, it does state that your account has been disabled because you have violated the community guidelines or the terms and use of Instagram. 

Generally speaking, there are certain things like illegal activities, hate speech, nudity, some graphic violence or the use of some third-party apps which are not tolerated by Instagram and they might be the grounds on which an account on Instagram gets disabled. If the offenders are found repeating actions prohibited by Facebook, again and again, may find that their account has been permanently removed from Instagram. 

The good news is that there are still chances to get back your account after it is disabled and the procedure for the same is also not very tricky and complicated. Now, when you have the idea ‘why is my Instagram account disabled’ let us move to the ways or steps to get back your account. 

How to recover an account which was disabled on Instagram?

  1. When you see the dreadful pop-up message on your screen stating that your account has been disabled you will be able to see learn more options on the screen and you need to click on that option. 
  2. After you click on learn more you will be able to get a guide that will more or less let you know what you are supposed to do t get back your disabled account. 
  3. You need to run through the prompts which are there in the app but you need to keep the fact in mind that you need to pass the appeal process first before you can get back your account. 
  4. You are supposed to visit the official contact page of Instagram and then from there, you have to submit the appeal. 
  5. There will be an appeal form in which you are supposed to fill in the required fields in the form like your name, contact, and other necessary details. 
  6. After you have filled in all the details correctly you need to check all the information you have entered twice to ensure that none of them is wrong. 
  7. Once the form is checked you just have to press send button which will submit your appeal to recover the Instagram account disabled. 
  8. Until you get a response from the side of Instagram you can keep sending the appeals to get the attention of Instagram to recover your account. 
  9. Usually, Instagram will contact you a week after your form has been submitted or will let you access your Instagram account back. Even after doing all these steps, the users are not able to get their account, and then there is nothing else left but to create a new account for you. 

We hope that we were able to assist you to get back your account on Instagram and you were able to get the ways which you can try when your account was disabled by Instagram. Not only this, but you can also share these steps which the users who need them or whose account was disabled.

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