How to Edit a PDF File In 2022

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When we make to easy pdf file any software like MS Word. Sometimes we need to changes after creating the pdf file but mostly don’t know how to edit a pdf file. Follow the guide step by step to edit the pdf file.

Table Of Contents
1. Which Method Should You Use to Edit Your PDF?
2. Edit a PDF Using Microsoft Word
3. Modify a PDF With Microsoft Edge
4. Edit a PDF Online

1. Which Method Should You Use to Edit Your PDF?

Now you need to choose one method to edit your pdf file.
If you don’t include many images and charts in your pdf file you can edit your pdf file on Microsoft Word. If you want to edit a simple pdf file with the text you will use Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Edge Browser second source to edit PDF files. Mostly when we want to add the highlights and draw in the PDF file you need to use Microsoft Edge.
You must use the other method to edit a pdf file if you want to edit a general text form so need to use any online website to edit a PDF file. Follow the guide step by step on how to edit a pdf file.

2. Edit a PDF Using Microsoft Word

Edit simple text PDF file to use Microsoft Word. Mostly we use to edit the form in Microsoft Word. if images and long formatting are not included in your PDF file then you can use Microsoft Word.

  1. First of all, you need to open Microsoft Word on your Computer Click the Open and go to the Browser option on the left side, and chose the PDF file.
Microsoft Word Open Browser

2. After opening the PDF file in your browser. Word will display a warning saying that you might lose some of your PDF’s original formatting. Click “OK”.

Microsoft Click ok

3. So now you have seen the enable editing option-click the enable editing and tap on the ok and start editing your file.

Microsoft enable editing option

4. For changes to the images or edit text and remove any heading select the text and edit. Choose the image and press the delete on your keyboard.

Microsoft Word editing option

5. Now save the file as PDF go to the right corner and click the “File” option.

Microsoft click file option

6. On the screen that opens, choose Save As > Browse.

Microsoft Word click save as option

7. After clicking the save as window go to the folder and click “File Name”. Now select the dropdown menu and chose the PDF option.

Save to PDF file click by “Save”.

Chose file and click save option 1

3. Modify a PDF With Microsoft Edge

If you want to edit your PDF file for the text and add drawing highlights to your PDF so you need to choose Microsoft Edge.

  1. Go to your PDF file and click the mouse right button and tap open with the option so now choose Microsoft Edge.
Open file Microsoft edge

2. After opening your PDF file in Microsoft Edge You see the editing option to the top. For Edit PDF file include these options.
Add text: To add new the text in PDF file. Select this option
Draw: To draw the line and different colors, Choose the Draw option.
Highlight: To add, the highlights and different colors, select the Highlights option.
Erase: To remove any text and changes, select the Erase option.

Microsoft edge highlites option

3. After changes, the pdf file goes to the top right corner and clicks the “save as” option.

Microsoft edge print option

4. Edit a PDF Online

If you don’t have sensitive data on your PDF file you can use an online PDF editor to edit your PDF file.
Most popular PDF editors include Smallpdf, Sejda, iLovePDF.
Now open any browser select your favorite editor Sejda so choose the file and

1. click on the “Upload PDF”.

Online edit PDF file

2. Now see all options on the top. You use all options for editing the PDF file which includes text, links, images, signs, annotations, and more to your file.

Pdf file edit option

3. After doing the changes click on the “Apply Changes“.

PDF edit file click apply changes

4. Your document is ready click the “Download”.

PDF Online edit and click download


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