How to destroy backup tapes

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Destroy backup tapes despite all the newer storage technologies like sophisticated SSDs and also the rise of recognition in cloud storage, backup tapes still stay one of the foremost cost-efficient strategies to store giant volumes of inactive knowledge, creating them the favorite backup storage approach for several organizations. We have already written articles on how to retrieve deleted messages on iPhones.

Destroy Backup Tapes

The backup tape’s main strength is its storage capability. an awfully well-liked variety of backup tape, the LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium, for instance, has simply proclaimed its ninth generation in 2020, that currently will hold a huge eighteen TB of information in barely one cartridge or tape. However, this strength additionally doubles up as its biggest weakness: since a backup tape is meant to carry inactive knowledge, then maintaining the protection and integrity of its knowledge may also be a challenge.

Another common challenge comes once the backup tape isn’t any longer helpful. For some purpose, you’ll have to be compelled to destroy {the knowledge|the info| and the information} contained within the backup tape not solely to secure the unused confidential data but additionally to guard the organization from potential legal liabilities and environmental considerations. Destroy backup tapes are very useful in life because we use them in our feature life.

Below, we’ll discuss all you would like to grasp regarding the way to safely destroy backup tapes: the various strategies obtainable, best practices, yet different choices you would possibly wish to contemplate instead of merely destroying your tapes.

Without any fuss, allow us to begin.

Data obliteration

Physically destroying the backup tapes isn’t the sole possibility. Another viable possibility is to solely “destroy” or erase the information therefore you’ll be able to either use the tape or sell it for additional money.
It’s vital, however, to know that the information on the backup tape should be firmly erased or eradicated before you’ll be able to sell it, instead you’ll risk facing legal liabilities and you would possibly additionally risk losing your organization’s compliance to PCI DSS and different relevant laws.

If you would like to use your tape, then you’ll be able to merely erase, label, and use it as you’d with a blank tape. There square measure varied tools which will facilitate this, and you must begin with the tools/platforms provided by the tape’s manufacturer. However, in this case, the erased knowledge may be retrievable, therefore there’s no guarantee of security.

One surefire thanks to entirely eradicating the information among a tape is demagnetization, which is actually regarding passing the backup tape through a strong flux (with a degausser tool). this can set up the polarity of particles among the tape, which is able to ultimately eliminate any likeness of the antecedently recorded knowledge, and hence, make sure that knowledge recovery is not possible.

There square measure many key edges of victimization degaussers to eradicate your backup tapes’ data:

100% positive that every one confidential knowledge has been erased for good
Fast and straightforward to try and do, therefore can translate to reduced operative prices
Meets the Department of Defense 5220-22.M standard, NSA, and CESG needs for eradicating classified data.

However, before you run your backup tapes to a degausser, detain mind that though there square measure some tape cartridges which will be degaussed then reused, most won’t, and you’ll have to be compelled to use a replacement cartridge. this is often a result of most backup tapes can have their “system instruction” knowledge that’s on the date additionally destroyed via demagnetization, that the tape won’t be recognizable once being degaussed.

Sell To Specialist IT quality Disposition corporations

If you propose to destroy your backup tapes’ knowledge to sell them, then a viable possibility is to sell your tape drives to specialist ITAD (IT quality Disposition) corporations. Destroy backup Tapes and explain all information about that.

Not solely these ITAD corporations will check that the complete sales method is less complicated but can guarantee a secure and safe knowledge obliteration for you. corporations like massive knowledge offer Iraqi National Congress. can offer you a certificate of information destruction, which is able to additionally facilitate in making certain you’ll be able to keep compliant with relevant laws.

Physical Destruction of Backup Tapes

If you don’t wish to sell or use the backup tapes, or if the retention amount of the tape has terminated, then physical destruction (and ideally, recycling) of the backup tape is your sole possibility.

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