How to Create a Data Entry Form in Microsft Excel in 2022

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Mostly we use the other software but they could not help properly. Micro-soft Excel is the best software for data entry. Micro-soft Excel takes a few minutes to enter the data and they don’t make mistakes. So, you can improve this method and mistakes. Micro-soft Excel is easy to use for users. But first of all, you need to download Micro-Soft Excel.

Table Of Contents
1. Add The Form Option
2. Convert Your Data to a Table
3. Use the Data Entry Form
4. Edit Your Form

1. Add The Form Option

After opening the Micro-soft Excel, you can see the many options in the top toolbar but to access the form option you need to go to the Quick Access toolbar. If you want to know how to delete sheets in Excel & delete multiple sheets. Follow the simple steps for how to create a data entry form in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Go to the top right-side Quick Access toolbar option to add the form button in your toolbar menu and select the “More Commands” option.
Excel more commands option

2. Now you look and select the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” on the top left side. So “Choose commands from” option. Go to the drop-down box and select the option “All Commands.”

Excel click all commands option

3. After selecting the all-commands option scroll to the all option on the downside and choose the “Form” option.
Click the “Add” button to add the “Form” in the toolbar. Click “ok” to close the settings and return to home.

Excel add form option

4. You can see the toolbar form button in Quick Access.

Excel click form option

2. Convert Your Data to a Table

Sometimes when we use the form, you’ll need labels for every file. if you have already entered the data in table form this is better for you so you don’t need to create a labels field. If you want to create a new label form you can easily change it.

  1. Go to the “Home” tab and select the Form as a table for the Styles section ribbon. Click “Format as Table” and select the table style.
Excel click home and form table

2. Check the “My Table Has Headers” and click “OK”

Excel click ok

3. Now you see your data format is so nice and easy to read.

Excel table header option

3. Use the Data Entry Form

Now you enter the data into your form. Chose any cell option and click the Form button to add the Quick Access toolbar.

  1. You look at table fields labels and put your information in the field’s labels.
Excel form

2. First of all, you need to fill your data into the form for example put the first name and the last name then press your tab key and move to the next field. So, step by step fill the data in all fields and press enter.

Entry data in excel form

3. You can also use the right-side button for data entry add, review, and remove records.

  • To make one more record Click “New”
  • To move through the next records, click “Find Prev” or “Find Next”. We can as well use the scroll bar in the data field part.
  • To see the number of records, look above the new button. If you want to see the number of records, look above the new button
  • Sometimes we want to remove all records in the form. To remove data, click “delete” after filling the full data in the form click “close.”
Excel form fill all fileds

4. Edit Your Form

Would you like to edit the form field and rearrange it so first of all you need to close the form and do the changes in the table? To reopen the form after the changes you can see your changes applied to the form.

Excel perferred contact method

You need to use Micro-Soft Excel if you want to create your own data form in excel.

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