How to convert Images PNG to JPG

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If you want to reduce your image size. Sometimes people don’t have internet pkg so I share with you how to convert images PNG to JPG. It’s a very easy way to convert images from png to jpg. Use the paint tool in windows 10 and windows 11 offline way.

When we write the article or create the websites, we need to use the reduced image size. If we use the PNG images in the article, you need to reduce the size of the image. Because png images take a long time for loading. So this is a big reason we use JPG images in our work. If you want to know How to Edit a PDF File In 2022

Follow the step by step guide on how to convert images PNG to JPG

  1. Go to the bottom left side and tap on the search bar to search the Paint tool and click Open.
Windows 10 search bar paint tool

2. Click the File option.

Open file in paint

3. After selecting the file option tap on the open option to open the file in paint.

Paint open the file option

4. You need to select the folder and chose the file now click on the “open” option but remember you need to select the PNG file, not a JPG if you select the JPG this image has already JPG.

Chose the png image

5. After choosing the file go to the top left side and click the file option then tap on Save as an option with the right side JPEG picture option for saving the image.

Click save as option

6. Now Your JPG is available so click the Save option

Click save option

“Congratulation” on your image saving as a jpg.

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