How to connect AirPods to Samsung Phone

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Air Pods is a wireless Bluetooth device this is designed for all Bluetooth devices including smartphones, Samsung, and TV. AirPods is a chargeable device. Airpods is a very awesome design for the left ear and right ear you can easily judge. You see the Small “L” and “R” are printed on the AirPod when L means “Left” and R means “Right”. Airpods give you the best sounds effect. If you want to know how to connect AirPods to your Samsung phone follow the guides. We have already written articles on how to download 4k YouTube videos.

  1. First of all, required to your Airpods be charged
  2. Close Airpod to your Samsung device.
  3. Now to turn on the Airpod case, check at the back and locate the white button. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

4. After this check the LED light on the front case. This sign that Airpod is on.

Turn on Bluetooth on Your Samsung Device

  1. On your Samsung home screen, go to the bottom to pull out the app drawer.
  2. Go to the setting and tap on it.
  3. Now find and tap on Connections.
  4. Tap on the Bluetooth to go to the next screen
  5. Tap on the Bluetooth option and open the Bluetooth settings. Here you can turn on and off Bluetooth.
  6. When Bluetooth is on tap on the option that says scan.
  7. Still wait and see your Airpods scan list
  8. Click on the Airpod to connect it.
  9. Congratulations Finally your AirPod is connected to your Samsung phone. Now Start enjoying music.


A very simple method to connect your Airpod to a Samsung phone first to all go to settings and click connections to connect the devices and make sure your Bluetooth is on. Now open your Airpod case and click on the white button to hold your case near the Android device. Now connected to your AirPod enjoying music.

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