How to change your WhatsApp wallpaper for all chats at once

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In the world, everyone uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp Programmer does some changes for the WhatsApp users which include color font style and wallpaper or other chats option. WhatsApp gives permission to users to customize the options.

Now WhatsApp introduced a new amazing feature that can help you change the Wallpaper and background color. Every WhatsApp user like this feature but some users don’t know if you want to know “How to change your WhatsApp wallpaper for all chats at once” follow the step-by-step guide. We have already written about the How to send disappearing photos and videos on WhatsApp | 2022

  1. Open the Whatsapp app for changes the wallpaper fist of all go to the Settings option and next click on the Chats option.
change whatsapp wallpaper methode

2. After selecting the Chats option Select the Wallpaper option and tap on a Change and now chose your favorite wallpaper.

Follow steps for change whatsapp wallpaper

3. Now you see many wallpapers select any one wallpaper for the chat background and click Set wallpaper Congratulation your wallpaper appearing in the chat’s background.

finally changed your whatsapp wallpaper

To remove, wallpaper redo all options and click the set wallpaper option

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