Best Cameras for Kickstarting Your Freelance Photography Career in 2023

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One of the most promising freelance careers right now is photography. You can always get a job, as people want snapshots of everything from weddings to high school graduations. Working freelance also means choosing what projects you want to take, making it a flexible career choice. However, you must prepare if you genuinely want to start and succeed in freelance photography. For instance, you must build your portfolio by creating a website showcasing your work. If your photos are on Instagram, for example, add your account to your website for social proof that you’ve provided quality services.

Besides this, you also need the right equipment. Of course, the primary device you’ll need is a camera. If you plan on kickstarting your freelance photography career this year, here are some of the best cameras to choose from:

Sony Alpha a7R III

The Sony Alpha series has been the talk of the photography industry for years, as it has impressive features for various skill levels. This is why a new Sony Alpha camera will cost a few thousand dollars. Thankfully, you can get used mirrorless cameras — such as the Sony Alpha a7R III—for a reduced price. Mirrorless cameras are great for freelancers because they are versatile. These provide manual and automatic shooting settings like DSLRs yet also feature electronic viewfinders that let you see how your shots will turn out before you even take them.

This model also has the latest technologies for your photography needs. It includes a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor that performs excellently in low-light conditions and accurate color reproduction for easier editing. With this, you can guarantee high-quality shots that will wow your clients.

Fujifilm X-A10

Fujifilm’s X series is another famous camera line in the community because it offers several excellent options. One is the Fujifilm X-A10, which is among the best cheap digital cameras in 2023. Because it’s more affordable, it’s a great entry camera if you’re on a tight budget. Additionally, digital cameras are compact and lightweight, great for freelance photographers who cover events that require lots of traveling and movement.

This model boasts a 16.3 MP sensor, fast autofocus, and six film simulation options to get more creative with your shots. It’s perfect for taking portraits and group shots if you plan to cover events like weddings.

Nikon D6

Credit: Leigh & Raymond Photography on YouTube

Despite the popularity of mirrorless cameras, DSLRs are still a great camera option today. Although they’re bulkier, these high-performance cameras can take thousands of shots on a single charge in contrast to their mirrorless counterparts. The Nikon D6, released in 2020, is one of the brand’s newest digital cameras, and it can still compete with today’s more modern cameras. It has a 20.8 MP FX-format sensor and an EXPEED 6 image processor that permits a 14-fps continuous shooting rate—great for high-action shots like sports or wildlife.

It also features a weather-sealed body, so you can use it both on the field and in the studio. It can take up to 3580 shots on a single charge, a valuable feature for extremely busy freelance photographers.

Canon EOS R100

Thanks to its amazing features, the Canon EOS range has been the top choice of past photographers. While this camera line is already retired, Canon decided to reincarnate one of its models to turn into the EOS R100, its latest mirrorless camera. This newcomer lives up to this standard with its 24.1 MP sensor and eye-tracking autofocus. An eye-tracking feature helps take photos of fast-moving subjects, great for sports events or taking shots of kids during special occasions.

If you’re worried about it being expensive because it was only released this year, fear not. The kit with lens is under $600, an excellent deal for freelance photographers who have yet to have a big budget to fund this newfound career.

Getting the right camera for freelance photography is one of the first steps to turning it into a career. Make sure you pick the best option that will suit the service you plan on providing!

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