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Apple made an announcement a few days ago in which he explained how a user could repair his mobile phone through self-service repair. This is the purpose of Apple’s announcement that iPhone users can easily repair mobile phones through self-service

In 2019 started on a small scale while more people could not from this campaign which is why now apple planned to expand. Apple will introduce this program in stages which will further increase it.

 Apple will introduce this project in the United States in 2022; it will gradually extend it to other countries. Benefits of self-service repair will be available for iPhone 12 and iPhone13.They will be given 200 modules for this service.

The modules to be repaired in the early stages of this program will focus on the iPhone’s battery, display, and camera focus. These are the parts that are not so difficult to repair; after this action, Apple will also get feedback from the user, which will give an idea of how easy for the user to do this.

Apple also aims to promote recycling. This will allow the user to get some credit by giving old parts. Apple has not yet commented on the value of these parts.

Apple has stated that the program will have 2800 shops also including 5000 direct repair providers will be available.

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1. Where will the user get instruction?
2. What the Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams said.
3. How to repair MacBook and other phones?

1. Where will the user get instruction?

Apple will obtain a self-service repair program facility online. Apple will make its documentation and repair manuals available on the Apple Support website, from which the user can easily get information from there.

Apple Support is a place where Apple stores troubleshooting information. Apple may do documentation about the repair. It is also possible that Apple will work with a third party to improve the use of online parts.

2. What the Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams said.

Jeff William said great words.

Jeff William

If our customers are given access to original Apple parts when they need them to be repaired, it is important to provide them. Apple has been instrumental in increasing the number of service locations for some time now with Apple genuine parts, tools, and training, and now we’re offering these customers more convenience who wants to complete their repair themselves.”

3. How to repair MacBook and other phones?

Apple has not yet claimed that it has launched self-service repair for any product other than the iPhone 12 and 13. Apple says it will launch Apple Silicon Macs with the M1 chip, including the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and 24-inch iMac, its self-service repair shortly.

Following Apple’s announcement, the safety issue has been put on hold. Ifixit stated to the media that it could be dangerous if consumers repair their mobile phones themselves. Repair instruction website iFixit has a tweet on it tweeted: “We never thought we’d see the day.”

Apple allows users self-service repair
Image by Apple

But Canadian computer hardware reviewers Hardware Canucks said it was a small step. But for Apple, it could be a big win.

Apple’s announcement has drawn a lot of criticism from Apple. Despite all this criticism, Steve Wozniak came forward and became part of this movement, and he said, “If we didn’t use technology, we wouldn’t have Apple today,”

Steve Wozniak is the man who built the 1970s Apple’s first computer with Steve Jobs.
Apple has stated that Self Service Repair is only for those who can repair any device.

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